Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Bath Bun

(wisegeek.com) The Bath bun is a large and round, sweet yeast bread traditionally made in the historic city of Bath, a hundred miles west of London, Britain. The Bath bun is best known for being decadently sweet, as bakers insert a sugar lump at the center of the bread and top the bun with candied fruit peel and crushed sugar. Apart from butter, flour, and egg, other sweet ingredients added to the Bath bun include currants, raisins, or sultanas. Other versions of the bun also have almonds added as extra topping.

The Bath bun is often confused with the Sally Lunn bun, also a Bath delicacy. Sally Lunns are made of a relatively light bread that can be eaten together with either sweet or savory foods. What adds to the confusion is that restaurants and bakeshops tend to sell both buns. Sometimes the buns are also confused with other fruit buns, spicy hot cross buns, or any of the French pastries that are also round in shape. The Bath bun, however, is an English invention and a sweet tooth’s delight.

Apa pun maksudnya bath bun ni...rasanya memang sedap dan inilah resepi yang saya perolehi dari website dan buat pagi tadi...


225g plain flour         1/2 tsp salt         55g caster sugar

55g unsalted butter, room temperature

2 1/2 tsp dry yeast            150ml full fat milk, warm to 40C

1 medium egg           30g sultanas            1/2 lemon zest

1 tbs brown sugar (granules)              1 tbs honey


preheat oven to 210C

mix flour, salt, sugar and rub in butter, then mix in yeast...make well in the centre...

beat egg into milk and pour over flour, mix to a soft doh, 

turn onto floured surface and knead until glossy and no longer sticky...

lightly oil clean bowl and add doh and leave to double in size about 1 to 2 hours...

turn doh onto lightly floured surface and work in lemon zest and sultanas until well mix, 

divide onto 8-9 portion and arrange in baking tray...raise for 20 minutes...

brush with honey and sprinkle sugar...bake for 20 minutes...

note: doh bath bun ni memang lembek...taburkan tepung atas papan uli ketika menguli 
untuk mengelakkan doh ni melekat...

Jom buat...

Saya malas nak salin resepi satu-satu, maka copy and paste ajelah :)

(repost 2011)


  1. bestnya, cicah nescafe O kosong tanpa gula!

  2. sedap tu...nampak kat luar mcm keras...tapi isi dlm dia lembut rupanya..baik mai sebijik kak ida...^^

  3. kueh putri mandi penah le dengor..ropanya roti mandi pun ada..ce simpan skit sampai minggu depan..:)

  4. salam kak ida. sy ni selalu follow blog kak ida. resepi semua best2. tp blm ada kesempatan nk cuba. roti ni mmg nmpk sedap. klulah dpt rasa...semoga kakida sihat selalu :)

  5. Zuenaz, alahamdulilla kkida sihat , tk...

    NBK, boleh le, nanti teman simpan...hehe...

    ixora, kenyangkan kena seketul dua...:)

    izan, crust luar memang keras sikit tapi dalam memang lemak, lembut...sebab guna telur dan susu...